People have donated more than $115,000 to Fred (Picture: Success for Fred/Facebook)
Fred was eventually discovered by police officers, who were so impressed by his ambition and determination to study that they put him up in a motel room.
‘He was so understanding and he said, “I definitely applaud you for doing this. We can’t allow you to stay here, but I have somewhere you can stay,”‘ Fred told WSB-TV.

Fred’s story soon travelled, and it wasn’t long before people were donating clothes, school supplies, shoes, money and a new bike. Someone also offered him a job washing dishes at a local pizza places, which he has now started.

Casey Blaney, who lives in Barnesville, set up a GoFundMefor Fred that has since raised more than $115,500.
And while Fred is enjoying his job and college course for now, his long-term plans are even more ambitious.
Once he graduates, he wants to go medical school and become a doctor.
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